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The year 2021 saw the worst COVID19 cases yet as the world battled through waves of infections and several mutations f the virus. Death count soared and people were losing hope. People were losing each other.

Despite moments of health and economic relief, life was very difficult and the future was uncertain. There were a few pageants conducted locally and abroad but the highly restricted proceedings resulted in much less desired outcome. As BHF is designed to highly impact the society by educating and empowering the youth in areas of culture and heritage, we find it pointless to carry on with such limitations and restrictions. The result would certainly be disappointing. 

The world economy suffered and local businesses found it hard to survive.  This meant that sponsors are very hard to find and funding BHF was near impossible. As more people lose their jobs and livelihood, it is hard to imagine the ability of prospect candidates going through their BHF preparation amidst their financial turmoil. We may not have any candidate!

And so we waited for the year to pass.