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Planning for BHF Audition 2020 was made as early as December 2019. As the dates approaches, everything was going as planned. Our winners from 2019 were all set to help in the audition process.

Our 2019 Top 3 Winners

We had a photoshoot with winners Nicholas Laing & Martina Litad Balang and the audition posters were published.

Audition Poster with Nicholas and Martina

The first venue was Miri on 14 March 2020 at Beach Republic. There were several events running that day so we only received 2 candidates. Hopes were high and we were looking forward to seeing more candidates in the coming auditions.

Candidates Hakkinen Lewis & Judith Tela with Pageant Director Agustus Sapen

And then Covid happened. 

Below was our effort in continuing the audition via online submission but as the situation got worse, we figured it was not advisable to continue with the audition and decided to postpone everything till it was safe to run events again....

Admin, April 2022

Down Memory Lane, March 2020

BHF2020 Audition via Online Submission
We have opened online audition in compliance with the Restricted Movement Order by Government of Malaysia effective from 18th March till 31 March 2020. The registration fee will be waived for online submission.

There are 3 important items required for this online submission.
A. Online Registration Form
B. Profile Photo Upload
C. Introduction Video Upload

A. Online Registration Form
  1. Complete the online registration form here.  Don't forget to click 'Submit'
B. Profile Photo Upload
  1. Capture 3 photos of yourself. Dress code: White T-Shirt & Dark Jeans
  2. Background of photo must be white or light colored wall
  3. Send your photos to our official instagram page @bhfpageant
C. Introduction Video Upload
  1. Record your introduction video with the following content & guidelines.
  • Self introduction with full name, age, ethnic & origin, education level
  • Reasons to join BHF Pageant
  • Experience in Pageants
  • Brief Cultural Advocacy
  • Video must be recorded in one take only. You may practice as many times as you wish before sending your best take.
  • Please limit your video to maximum of 2 minutes. 
  • Inbox your video to our official instagram @bhfpageant.
Follow our instagram page to receive important updates regarding your participation.

Deadline to submit all 3 items (Registration, Photo & Video) is 30th April 2020.

Terms & Conditions