Tips for Kumang & Keling Tourism

A short and concise answer is always the best.

In your effort to come up with the best answer, you are bound to bundle up a long and hopefully complete answer. However, this will only build up to be a trap for you because you tend to memorize your answer rather than understand the question and be able to pluck your answers to any of the question.

Read each question carefully and understand the requirement for the answer.  Identify the important key words in your answer and practice to express your answer naturally. Try not to come up with a sentence that is 'unnaturally you' because you are bound to stumble if you memorize.  Remember, it is always good to be yourself.  If 'being yourself' is not good enough, then it is time you start to improve yourself.

After you have compiled an answer for each question, try to practice answering it once or twice, till you are comfortable and confident with your answer.  Quickly proceed to the next question. Remember to list down the key words only; this way, you are 'forced' to come up with a natural sentence each time, rather than memorizing. It also helps you to discover other options.

Get your friends to help. Share the questions with them, and maybe fellow contestants. It's always good to work together.  Kinda' like group studying.  But remember to stay focused because time is very limited. Always carry the questions with you so you are able to ask friends when there is an opportunity. The more you talk about it, the easier it gets embedded in your head.  People say, when you tell yourself a lie long enough, you'll believe it's true.  I believe that is true, and I'm not lying...

As you go along, practice speaking in front of the mirror.  This helps you see yourself, how you look, whether you are nervous or confident. It also tells you if you are not smiling. Not smiling is BAD.  Worse than a plastic smile...

I hope this short and simple guide helps.  A longer post would only waste your time reading instead of compiling your answers. So start working now.

All the best boys and girls.  Remember, part of this pageant's purpose is to build your confidence to face the real world.  Stay focused and you'll come out to be fine ladies and gentlemen.

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