Sipitang Audition 2014

Borneo Hornbill Festival will call on Sipitang as it's first port for the 2014 Audition.

The venue is Dewan Kemas (Jabatan Kemajuan Masyarakat) Sipitang, Wednesday, 26 March 5pm

Pejabat KEMAS
Jab. Kemajuan Masyarakat Sipitang
Pejabat Daerah Lama
Peti Surat 153
89951 Sipitang                                                                            View Other Sabah Locations

Sipitang is a town, district and also a parliamentary constituency located in the Interior Division of Sabah, east Malaysia on the island of Borneo. The population of the district was 12,076 in 1980 and 24,349 in 1991. In 2000, the population grew to 29,256 while in 2010, 34,680. It is the closest town in Sabah to the Sarawak border, and is 44 kilometers south of Beaufort and 144 kilometers south of Kota Kinabalu, the state capital. Other than the district headquarters, Sipitang town; Sipitang district is further divided into 3 sub-division; i.e. Mesapol, Sindumin and Melamam. Mesapol comprises at least 14 villages, which includes Kampung Melalia, Kampung Lubok Darat and Kampung Naluyan. Sindumin has 22 villages, among others are Kampung Mengalong, Kampung Banting and Kampung Siputol. Meanwhile, Malamam consists of at least 20 villages, e.g. Randulang, Long Mio and Long Pasia.

Getting There
From Kota Kinabalu, it is approximately 2 hours drive. Passing districts like Putatan-Kinarut-Papar-Bongawan-Kimanis-Membakut-Beaufort and finally arriving in Sipitang.

Sipitang was a territory of the Brunei sultanate before 1884. On November 5, 1884, the Brunei Sultan ceded his territory, from Sipitang to Kuala Penyu, to British North Borneo Company (BNBC). It is alleged that this agreement was met after excessive bribery by the BNBC Governor, William Treacher to the Sultan's court. Sultan of Brunei granted his territory, from River Sipitang to River Trusan, to BNBC on September 7, 1901. In relation to that, BNBC acquired the area of Mengalong and Merantaman (now in Sipitang district) on September 12, 1901, through a grant by Pangiran Tengah Damit ibni al-Marhum Pangiran Anak Bongsu, of his tulin right on those areas. The acquisition of these areas was done separately because lands such as these are owned individually by Pangirans (princes and nobles) through their tulin right and therefore are independent of the authority of the sultan.  Up till 1900, Sipitang (River Sipitang) marked the frontier between British North Borneo and the Brunei sultanate. The acquisition of land from River Sipitang to River Trusan in 1901, led to the creation of a station in Sipitang under the administrative name Province Clarke (named after Sir Andrew Clarke). This station came into being mainly for the purpose of a search for further cession of territories. Nevertheless, complications in the following years led to the reselling of some lands, and the demarcation receded to the present day Sabah-Sarawak border, near Mengalong (now Sindumin).