BHF 2017 FAQ

Q : When is the BHF17 audition?
A: It starts in Feb at Miri, Bintulu, Sibu, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Keningau, Kota Marudu and Kuala Lumpur.
Ref to for more details.

Q: How should I register to attend the audition?
A: You can come on the audition day to register.

Q: How much is the fee?
A: RM50 with a BHF T-Shirt and button badge

Q: What is the age limit to take part and height required?
A: Miss Sabah/Sarawak 18-30 years old & Mr Sabah/Sarawak 18-35 years old. Any height can take part.

Q: What should I wear during the audition?
A: Jeans and BHF T-shirt ( T-shirt provided upon payment of registration fee)

Q: Do I need to bring my costume during audition?
A: No costume is needed during audition. Ethnic Costume is mandatory during semi final in KL and final in London.

Q: Who gives the costume?
A: Costume is by participants themselves. No need to rent or buy costume. Look in your own village and get it from the elders.

Q: Is it true the winner is determined by its costume only?
A: FALSE. Judges will look into all aspects such as knowledge of culture, confidence, communication skills, appearance, personality and costume. You may wear the best costume but if you don’t have above values, your chances are very slim.

Q: Where to get more info on BHF17?
A:  Go to

Q: How long is the audition session and what questions will be asked?
A: Each about 3-5 minutes
      a. give personal introduction- name, age, race, parents' background, village etc.
      b. Explain your own culture – food, costume, culture and personal talent.

Q: After audition what shall I do?
A: We will run online voting.

Q: How many will be selected for each category for semi final in KL?
A: About 10-15 person will be selected for each category.

Q: What criteria to be selected for semi final in KL?
A: The audition and online voting important to be selected for semi final in KL

Q: Who pays the cost for semi final in KL and London?
A: For semi-final in KL participants have to bear all cost and for finals in London, organizer of BHF will bear all cost.

Q: How many will be selected for final to London?
Miss Sabah Ethnic (3 London Finalists)          
Miss Sarawak Ethnic (3 London Finalists)
Mr. Sabah (Top 2)
Mr. Sarawak (Top 2)

Total Finalists to London: 10 Person

Q : If I not selected to top 10 can I join again next year?
A : The more you try its better for participants to build confidence. Yes you can try again and again.

Q: What must we performance in London
A: First you must parade your traditional costume and second to performance your talent. There will also be Q&A session.

Q: Can we bring our parents and friends during final in London?
A: Yes you can bring them but they pay all cost.  BHF will help to book flight, hotel etc. You may also do it yourself once the travel date is set.

Q: Is there any special rate for flight, hotel and food for those not selected into final but wish to go London too?
A: Yes they get a very special discount. We will update the rates at later stages.

Q: What is special about BHF2017?
A: It’s an event to share your culture and to build your confidence. This is the only Borneo event held in KL for the past 9 years and 2016 marks our international presence when we run our Grand Finals in LONDON. It is not just about the prizes but the experience you gain for your future. YOU MUST NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY.

Q: What is the great success of BHF participants?
A: After BHF, many of our participants gain confidence and experience. They achieve success not only in pageant and modeling industry but also in their career. Best talent for Miss World 2014 was won by BHF2009 finalist, Miss Dewi Liana. We also have talent in education where he completed his PhD at 29 years old. Some of our finalist are now working in TV and radio station as news reader. Many finalists excel in their careers and some hold top post.

Q:  Who shall I contact for any further details?
A:    Dr. Laurence (013-3920 870)
        Agustus Sapen  (016-2811 631)
        Gabriel Karl Wing (0166543869)
        Munica Liwan ( 016-6221 760)