Finalist 2015


Borneo Hornbill Festival wishes to congratulate all our finalists of Season 007. All our finalists have shown their potentials, each with their own characteristics and charms. A bulk of their marks were determined from their participation in the auditions where we observed their attitude and performance from the moment they stepped into the audition room till the end of the video interview session.

The Borneo Ethnic Pageant celebrates ambassadorship qualities of the candidates. We value their abilities to express their ideas and deliver an engaging conversation with regards to their cultural background, their motives to participate and their understanding of the audition theme which is "The Impact of Culture on the Economy".

It must therefore be understood that BHF's Borneo Ethnic Pageant is not just about beauty. It is a platform to groom talents with a passion for culture and heritage. Talents who are well equipped to conserve and share their knowledge about Borneo's Heritage.

We hope our finalists will begin to enrich themselves with new information by doing more reading and research, seek the elders and absorb their knowledge and skills, and double the effort to improve their presentation abilities in terms of confidence and communication.

We also hope that our finalists would be able to experience a satisfying journey into the grand finals. Most importantly, they must treasure the education and friendship along the way.

Welcome to the family.

Agustus Sapen,
Pageant Director, BHF007


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