No accommodation offered

Every year, we host an average of 50 pageant finalists and 120 dancers (Maximum 10 teams with maximum 10 dancers + 2 coaches per team) during Borneo Hornbill Festival. Looking for accommodation for a total of 170++ individuals is a logistical nightmare with very low possibility of sponsorship considering we are a small time NGO which seems to offer little ROI to hotels in return for the massive hotel cost. Imagine, for a total of 170 people to be placed in a 4 pax room; that requires a total of 43 rooms!

However, that doesn't stop us from running a Borneo Cultural Showcase in Kuala Lumpur, where Malaysia has a chance to absorb the culture and splendor of Borneo Heritage. Regardless of the negative comments coming at us, we struggle to bring Borneo Culture and Heritage which are embodied in the form of real Borneo people parading, dancing and proving their worth on a national stage.

We conduct auditions across Borneo and this year witnessed 4 locations in Sarawak and 5 in Sabah.  The final audition happens this Saturday (2.30pm), 5th April 2014 at Pusat Pelancongan Malaysia, Jalan Ampang, kuala Lumpur.  During our Borneo Circuit auditions, we learned so much from the passionate participants as they shared their personal experiences in their own community's culture and heritage.

Every year we rush to so many places just to bring Borneo Hornbill Festial closer to more people in Borneo because we are passionate about culture.  And due to our limited resources, we seek the same commitment and similar passion from our participants.  We duly inform each aspiring participant - pageants and dancers, that there will be no accommodation provided while attending the finals in Kuala Lumpur.  We humbly call for the participants' cooperation to look for their own accommodation so we can reduce our cost and translate that savings into a better event operations and more inspiring prizes.

However, if you know a hotel willing to sponsor all 43 rooms for 3 nights, we would like to hear from you.