Kota Kinabalu Audition 2014 Sabah Circuit

We are excited to be at Kota Kinabalu on Saturday, 29 March 2014 for our third series of Sabah Circuit.

The Venue is King Park Hotel, Kota Kinabalu. See you there!

Theme for 2014
Similar to last year's audition, Auditions 2014 will feature the themes "Cultural Diversity and Biodiversity". Interested participants are encouraged to look up the meaning of both type of diversity and learn the basics. Our questions will not be difficult but we will reward high marks for outstanding knowledge and the ability to apply the knowledge to the participants surroundings, local community and daily life. All the best to everyone! Read More...

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Audition 2014 Terms 
1. All must wear blue jeans and white BORNEO HORNBILL FESTIVAL t-shirt
2. Registration fees RM20 each with free BORNEO HORNBILL FESTIVAL t-shirt and badge
3. Each given about 10 minutes Interview Duration
            Interview consist of: 1. Personal Introduction
                                           2. Question Regarding Cultural Diversity (Kepelbagaian Budaya)
                                           3. Question Regarding Biodiversity (Kepelbagaian flora & fauna & ekosistem)
4. Can speak/answer in Bahasa Malaysia or English.
5. Candidate must have considerable knowledge about own culture, cultural diversity and also biodiversity (nature and wildlife). Click here to go to our resource center & learn more.
6. Candidate must have self confidence and project good attitude & values during interview.

Borneo Ethnic Pageant 2014 Terms & Conditions
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