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Mister Sabah ethnic was created to compliment Miss Sabah Ethnic and to join hands with Mister Sarawak Ethnic in preserving the rich Borneo culture and heritage. Open to all Sabahan male natives, it give a chance for them to explore their potentials in the pageant industry while building a passion for the preservation and conservation of their ethnic tradition.

The young generations have the energy and open minds to develop strategies in creating a conducive environment in which they promote the importance of keeping their traditions alive.

Just like Mr. Sarawak Ethnic, the title awards the finest Sabah gentleman who possesses the widest knowledge in culture, the deepest passion in heritage, the brightest confidence and self expression and the sharpest wit and charm. Above all, he must have everything a warrior needs to fight for an everlasting cultural integrity and sustainability.

Indeed they were not born with all these qualities but they certainly can put in hard work and resources in their effort to win the title. Their action and success will surely motivate others to do the same.

We all strive for Borneo ethnic culture's preservation and conservation.

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