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Miss Ethnic KadazanDusun progressed from our first Sabah Category pageant called Runduk Tadau in 2012.  It is similar to the Unduk Ngadau pageant done in Sabah every year in conjunction with the harvest festival called Pesta Kaamatan.

Due to the incomplete criteria and restrictions imposed in running a proper Unduk Ngadau pageantry, the organizer has renamed the Sabah category as Miss Sabah Ethnic KadazanDusun 2013 to continue the representation of Sabah ethnic in the festival.

For 2014, Miss Sabah Ethinc category will witness the crowning of a new title called Miss Ethnic Sabah Open category to represent the remaining ethnic tribes in Sabah after KadazanDusun.

This new category adds to a total of five contenders for the grand title Miss Borneo Ethnic 2014.

Interested to participate? Check out our audition dates and terms & conditions below.

Borneo Ethnic Pageant 2017 Terms & Conditions