Culture Travel & Tours

Our team is proud to have managed travels and tours of previous winners in the pageant and dance categories that we have gained the essential experience and knowledge of travelling overseas.  We are well versed in getting around in popular tourist destinations, namely London, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, Guangzhou, Taipei, Jakarta and Bandung.

We focus on cultural tourism in our travel and tour services.  In all the destinations above, we have incorporated the opportunity to explore the different cultures and heritage of the particular destination.  Our tour clients get the chance to experience the different spectrum of culture from modern to ancient by starting with the urban areas and progressing to the suburban and rural areas wherever possible.

Museums and historical sites are a must in our itinerary so to absorb the complete range of civilization development and evolution.  BY learning the culture, heritage and history of other civilizations, our tour clients are able to appreciate their own culture and heritage thus adding pride and sense of belonging in the the human capital development.

Wherever possible, our travel and tour package utilizes convenient public transport offered at all destinations, giving the opportunity to tour delegates to experience first hand the lifestyle of the locals.  From past experience, our tour delegates may find it very inconvenient as they begin to learn the in and outs of public transportation but it usually took them one day to get used to the system and they eventually move around like the locals.  This is particularly true in places with comprehensive public transportation system like in London, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, Guangzhou and Taipei.

We strive to provide the most economical option of travel and accommodation by combining local knowledge, group delegates and extensive travel experience to bring you a meaningful and wholesome tourism experience.

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