Borneo Ethnic Dance Competition 2012 Terms and Condition


Borneo Hornbill Festival Ethnic Dance Competition 2012

  1. Open to all Malaysians. 
  2. Each team must perform two dances; Sabah or Sarawak Ethnic and Dance Medley (Etnik Asli & Rampaian Ethnic) 
  3. No age limit for participation. 
  4. Each team must have at least 6 to 10 dancers. 
  5. Each group must provide own music, either in Audio CD or mp3 format in thumb drive. 
  6. Depending on the final number of teams participating, duration of performance is estimated to be set between 5-6 minutes (for each Asli & Rampaian) (with maximum 2 minutes for initial stage setup)
  7. Expenses such as meals, costume rental ( if any), transport, accommodation etc., are the responsibilities of each group. 
  8. All registrations and payments can be made in cash or  Money Order for 'Persatuan Warisan Sarawak Kuala Lumpur Dan Selangor'.  
  9. Registration Fee is RM150.00 per group. 
  10. Each group must upload a footage (video preview) of their dance performance.  The clip can be posted on team representative's facebook profile, complete with team name. Please tag Warisan Sarawak to notify us that the clip is available. • 
  11. Preview duration 1- 2 minutes average (max 4 minutes) of previous dance performance or practice session.  Try to avoid too much clipping or trimming of the preview.
  12. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify any group deemed inappropriate for this competition. 
  13. The organizer will limit the number of groups to 15 teams considering the event will be held for One Night Only, and each team is required to perform Etnik Asli & Etnik Rampaian. 
  14. The organizer reserves the right to change any regulations, deemed appropriate without prior notice.
  15. Each team will be given time for their rehearsal, two (2) days before the event. 
  16. All decision by the organizer and the judges is final. 
  1. Originality of choreography and dance - 35% 
  2. Prop - 10% 
  3. Synchronization dance with the music - 20% 
  4. Creativity-30% 
  5. Originality of clothing - 5% 

  1. The champion team of this Dance Competition are requested to perform in Seoul, Korea, requested by the Persatuan Warisan Sarawak Kuala Lumpur/Persatuan Warisan Sabah Kuala Lumpur. 
  2. Registration for the Dance competition starting from Dec, 2011 - June 1st, 2012. 
  3. Competition will be held at the Malaysian Tourism Centre, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. 
  4. Any questions, please contact: 
  • Dr. Laurence 016-3699742/0133920870 
  • Paren 0162592067 
  • Email:
  • Address 9, U5/107B, Nusa Subang, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor 
  • Web: 
Prizes listing for Borneo Ethnic Dance Competition 2012
1) Champion - RM3,500.00 + Flight ticket Perth + Trophy + Certificate
2) Second Prize - RM3, 000.00 + Trophy + Certificate
3) Third - RM2, 000.00 + Trophy + Certificate
4) Best Choreography - RM300.00 + Medal + Certificate
5) Special Jury Award - RM300.00 + Medal + Certificate

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