Online Voting Guide

Online Voting will determine which one of the Kumang and Keling Contestants to receive the Kumang Favourite and Keling Favourite title. 

The winner takes home RM 200 and a Shawl each.

This Online Voting is regulated via Facebook Profile to ensure fair vote casting and transparency. One facebook profile may vote only once.  However, one facebook profile may vote for multiple contestants.

How it works.

Each contestant will be given one page to display basic information and profile pictures. At the top of every contestant page is the 'like' button, as shown below.
Beside the 'Like' button is the number of people who likes the page via their facebook profile. Once a voter has clicked the 'Like' button, the color changes to light blue and no more click is allowed.

Additionally, the voter's name will appear beside the button to confirm the vote.  Only one vote per fb profile is allowed for each contestant.

You can test the system by clicking 'Like' on the buton above.  Please 'allow' Pop Up for this site if the warning bar appears on top of your screen. Have fun! And don't forget to add Warisan Sarawak as your friend, join Warisan Sarawak Facebook Group, Click Like on Borneo Hornbill Festival facebook page and so much more!  There's so much to do!

Note: Warisan Sarawak regrets to inform that only voters with facebook profile may vote.  If anyone has no facebook profile yet, it's time you did. Used wisely, facebook can be truly rewarding. Join thousands of Warisan Sarawak members right now and get connected.